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What is Food Revolution?

Have you ever wondered about the food you eat? Where it comes from? How our bodies use it for energy? Food Revolution is a daytime summer program for youth ages 7-11 to explore cooking, science, and the connections between them! The program features fun STEM activities, guest speakers, outdoor team games, kitchen and food safety experiences, and of course lots of delicious and healthy food that we make ourselves! Join us for a week packed with food, friends, and fun! Looking for more information? Be sure to contact 4hfoodrevolution@gmail.com with any questions!


    THANK YOU to all the Tolland County 4-H Food Revolution 2019 participants! It was a great week full of fun, friends, and food – as promised! I hope you all had as much fun as we did! Here’s to another successful year of Food Revolution; we couldn’t have done it without you! P.S. Keep your […]
  • Introducing: Tolland County 4-H S.E.C.T. Food Revolution!
    What is Tolland County 4-H S.E.C.T. Food Revolution? S.E.C.T. (science, engineering, and computer technology) Food Revolution is a new program for youth ages 12-13. Participants in this new program will accompany the age 7-11 4-H Food Revolution program in making morning snack, lunch, and participating in afternoon outdoor activities, however they will have morning activities […]
  • Tolland County 4-H Food Revolution website is now LIVE!
    Welcome to the new Tolland County 4-H Food Revolution website! We hope that this makes the registration process easier and more helpful for 4-H parents that are interested in our program! We will also be adding more pages later on of different games and recipes that we do during the program so you can try […]